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Our kids are growing including our advanced learners!  Not only have all of our students historically exceeded the state of Colorado's median academic growth percentiles in ELA and math, but so do our advanced learners.     We continue to ensure all students are making at least a year's growth in a year's time...if not more at Mitchell.

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Bright Child vs. Gifted Learner

Glossary of Advanced Learner Terms

GT Presentation 2019

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Passion Projects

Nurturing Potential Through Passion Projects

Cooking Up Passion Projects

Passion Project Planning Chart

Passion Project from a student in Mrs. Greenlaw's 3rd Grade class - What Makes a Tornado?

GT Parent Support Articles

Davidson Institute Tips for Gifted Parents

Social / Emotional Support Articles - SENG Website

Parent Seminar Notecatchers

Parent Making Thinking Visible Handout 5/3/17

Executive Functioning Handout 10/25/2017

Get Ready Do Done

Time Robbers

Definition of Giftedness

Definitions of Giftedness

Enrichment Strategies

Jeffco Gifted and Talented Website

Jefferson Association for Gifted Children

NAGC Parent Website

Center For Bright Kids